iType Keyboard Brings Real Typing to iPhones

Frustrated iPhone owners tired of pounding away at a tiny virtual keyboard when texting and writing now have another option. The iType keyboard introduced by Ion Audio at CES is nearly the size of a full, traditional keyboard and is designed specifically for iPhones.

The keyboard includes an iPhone dock so that you can slide the phone in and enjoy the comforts of typing on a real, physical keyboard. The keyboard houses its own battery so there's no worry about draining the life out of your iPhone. You'll also feel gigantic as you pound away on what looks like the world's tiniest computer screen. 

On the downside, the keyboard requires that you type into a specific iType app rather than directly into whatever app you want to type in. You'll have to manually cut and paste from there. While not perfect, it should still save time and frustration for those that are entirely inept at using the virtual keyboard. 

I'm sure there are a few iPhone users already on their way to Best Buy to look for this one. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a bit longer; the iType is expected to hit the market during the second quarter (so another few months of touchscreen typing). It's expected to retail for just over $100. 

Via: GadgetCrave and Engadget