iWallet Bills Itself As High-Tech Way To Keep Your Money From Going Missing

New from the iWallet corporation is - you guessed it from the name - the iWallet! Playing off of the popular "i" trend, the company has created what it says is a remarkably secure update to the standard wallet concept.

Everyone hates losing their wallet, and even more hates losing cash out of it to a friend or family member who "borrows" it and says that they have no idea what you're talking about. Jerks.

Now, California company iWallet thinks that they have the answer with their new iWallet product. The wallet is constructed of a hard plastic case and comes in a variety of designer covers, but on the inside very little is different from typical wallet fare. It is when the hard case wallet is closed and locked that the fun begins. According to the iWallet corporation, each iWallet comes with a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor that permits only one person - you - to open the iWallet if it is closed. This means that no longer can teenagers take your money without permission or unscrupulous gym employees root through your locker in search of cash. Of course, they can still find that poem you were working on - really, rhyming couplets? It's 2011!

In addition, the iWallet has a Bluetooth connection that can be setup between a mobile phone and the wallet itself, one that causes an alarm to trigger as soon as the connection is broken. Due to the short range of Bluetooth devices, this means that after only a few meters - say if you leave the wallet on a table in a restaurant - an alarm will start sounding off.

Check out the BBC spot on the iWallet here:


Frankly, were at turns excited and confused about this one. We like the idea of a secure wallet, but a hardcase isn't something we'd really want to carry around. Add to that the fact that we're not sure just how easily the sensor could be fooled and we start to wonder about overall security. Still, our biggest concern lies in the alarm function. Sure, this is a great idea in restaurants and bars, but how many times would it get left on in homes or by accident and start screaming off into the darkness when you didn't really want it to?

Nonetheless, iWallet may be on to something here as identity theft continues to rise and pickpockets get ever stealthier at lifting precious wallet cargo from travellers and passerby, and it is currently available for purchase at a hefty $299 USD.

Source: iWallet 

Mar 14, 2011
by Anonymous

Cure worse than the cold

If I had an extra US$299, I'd just hide it.