IzzyBike Has No Chain


A bike without gears and a chain is like a car without an engine. Or maybe it's like a car with a hybrid engine, because the IzzyBike proves that bikes don't need chains. They can be just as efficient without that extra cog in the machinery.

You would think that the design of the IzzyBike doesn't allow for gears, but it does. The design also makes for an incredibly agile bicycle. Because it eliminates the influence of the changing forces that occur while pedaling a bike with a chain, the rider experiences more balance and can turn on a dime with the IzzyBike. 

IzzyBike FoldedIzzyBike Folded

The IzzyBike is also foldable, and that process takes less than a second. Folded, the IzzyBike can fit into the trunk of a medium-sized car or maybe under your desk at work. This makes it practical for the urban commuter. And if that isn't enough, the design provides a very comfortable ride. The low saddle seat with back support and front wheel drive are ideal for the commuter who wants comfort. The IzzyBike could very well be the next big cycling innovation. Check out the video below to see for yourself.