Jabra Sport Pulse: Wireless Earbuds With Heart Rate Monitor And Virtual Personal Trainer

Push Yourself With Jabra Sport PulsePush Yourself With Jabra Sport Pulse

Whether you're having trouble staying motivated during your workouts or you want to take your workouts to the next level, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds offer features that make it easier to stick to your regimen--features like a built in heart rate monitor and a virtual personal trainer.

First, let's talk about how durable these earbuds are. You don't want to buy a product with some advanced technological features only to have it break under the strain of your intense workouts. The Jabra Sport Pulse Earbuds are built to the US Military rain, shock, sand and dust standards, which means you don't have to be afraid to wear them during a grueling workout. 

Jabra Sport Pulse EarbudsJabra Sport Pulse Earbuds

The Jabra Sport Pulse's features are all quality. This isn't one of those products that offers a lot of cool features that are all just ok. These wireless earbuds are top of the line in all categories. They feature immersive Dolby sound. You can also control music playback, volume and make calls by tapping the earbuds. 

Jabra's heart rate monitor measures your heart rate through your inner ear. Want your heart rate? Just put in your headphones. These are the only earbuds that have been proven to deliver clinical-grade accuracy. 

Jabra's Sport Life AppJabra's Sport Life App

The Jabra Sport Pulse also comes with the Sport Life App. This app allows you to plan, monitor and evaluate your training and performance. It also features in-ear coaching and gives you real time feedback. The app works in conjunction with the heart rate monitor to ensure that you are training within your target heart rate. 

If you're looking for high-quality earbuds, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds are it. At $200, you're getting quality Dolby sound, a clinical-grade heart rate monitor and a streamlined app that will keep you motivated in your workouts. You can find out more information on the Jabra website or check out Amazon for ordering information. 

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