A jacket that also turns into a backpack/and/or a pillow? Sounded too good to be true, so I decided to look deeper.

The Xip3 manages to do all three.

As a jacket, the Xip3 comes with fantastic waterproof capabilities as well as a breathable performance fabric which controls permeability. The Polartec 200 lining also provides protection against severe chills.

Now whenever you need to get out, or need some extra space, the Xip3 can be used as a backpack. A Powerstretch panel ensures one has ample space to store all the essential items without inducing a tear.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Xip3 can be turned into a soft, comfortable pillow. Don't worry about any stains as this incredible innovation comes with a stain-resistant side which is waterproof as well.

Couldn't get any better could it?

I thought so too.

But niggling doubts came up, like:

Though the Xip3 works just fine as a back pack should we carry nothing fragile under good weather conditions, it really doesn't seem like a great idea to sleep on my cell phone or reading glasses when using it as a pillow.

It takes 43 easy steps turn to turn your jacket into a backpack in (seriously, watch the video), and then another 10 to turn it into a pillow. But the problem lies in the fact that you can only have one out of three at a time.

I think for now I will stick t carrying all a jacket and a backpack. after all a jacket can be bundled into a pillow, and if it gets hot, stuffed into the backpack...

Till then, kudos to the Xip3 Hybrid Revolution Gear team for thinking of such a brilliant 3-in-1 innovation.

I guess it needs a bit of tuning up.

Jacket to backpack
Jacket to pillow

Jun 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Jacket backpack pillow

Thanks for the kudos, but, hmmm, I wonder if the writer ever witnessed my jacket up close and in person? The pillow perfectly protects and softens all contens that might be fragile or have sharp or hard edges.

And whomever first wrote that the transformation takes 43 steps had never witnessed the transformation either, since, from jacket to backpack, the process takes exactly 6 simple steps and from jacket to pillow, there are a mere 5....


Jun 24, 2008
by Michelle
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I don't think our writer did

I don't think our writer did see a live sample.

If you would like to provide one, we can update this article with a product review.

InventorSpot.com Team

Jun 24, 2008
by Anonymous

yep, i think the editor

yep, i think the editor didn't even watch the video he's providing the link for. it looks dead simple to use it. i agree however that once used as a jacket, where the hell will i put my stuff?