'Jackpot Slots' Turns Your iPhone Into A One-Armed Bandit

It seems there's nothing your iPhone or iPod can't do these days, provided you've downloaded the right app. Take the Jackpot Slots™ Slot Machine Charge and Sync Dock from New Potato, for instance.

Well, you can't actually “take” it, you have to download the app and buy the base/charger for 5,250 yen (about $61.75) first. Check out this English-language video from New Potato showing the device in action:

The hardware (available from Amazon Japan) consists of a iPhone and/or iPod Touch charging dock that comes with a USB connector port on the back.

Plug it in, then secure your smartphone or player to the base by depressing the side-mounted lever all the way down. All functions are accessed via touchscreen except for the retro-style, red ball topped metal lever.



One thing the app doesn't do is spit out coins when you've lined up a favorable combination of reels, but winning does provide one benefit: you gain access to new slot gaming screens not included in the basic suite.

So use your finger, fire up the “app-cessory” and put away your silver dollars – you can play this instant one-armed bandit for free until your arm falls off! Or not... if you're not in a gaming mood, simply use the base as a stylish desktop charging station and sync dock.

New Potato calls the Jackpot Slots™ Slot Machine Charge and Sync Dock “the most realistic gaming experience your iPhone or iPod has ever known.” Wanna bet? (via Gigazine and Spec-Direct)