Jaguar Moving Forward with Electric XJ Sedan

Early in the 2nd quarter of 2009, Jaguar/Land Rover received a massive chunk of funding from the European Investment Bank to help offset the costs of developing more fuel efficient vehicles. Since then the Engineers have been working tirelessly to get the new concepts from paper to production, a goal that will be realized with the introduction of the hybrid electric XJ Sedan.

The investment, which totaled an astounding $453 Million, was part of a project to help Jaguar/Land Rover reduce their overall emissions by 25%, a goal they are expecting to reach by 2012.

Power for the XJ will be provided by a 194 horsepower electric motor being fueled by high output lithium ion battery stack. The batteries will be charged via generator that is cranked by a small 1.2 liter inline-3 cylinder engine. The engine was designed and built by Lotus Engineering.

According to initial testing, a full tank of fuel and some frugal driving can return upward of 600 miles, with a combined average fuel economy of 57mpg.

Assuming everything goes well with the initial testing, we could see the vehicle on the lots by early next year.

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Feb 17, 2010
by devvon

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