Jailhouse Fire: Entrepreneurial Inmates Market Their Brand Of Hot Sauce

It's no secret that some inmates in prisons in North America have privileges; you don't even want to get me started on some of the opportunities available to Canadian prisoners who have more opportunities available to them than some law abiding citizens. Freedom might not be one of the privileges of a group of Floridian inmates, but that hasn't stopped them from developing entrepreneurial roots.

Murder on the Taste Buds Hot SauceMurder on the Taste Buds Hot Sauce

The prisoners who have big business aspirations are from Florida's Hillsborough County Jail, and their brand is Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce. These inmates are proud of their roots, and use their incarceration as a basis for marketing their product by using slogans like "so lethal" and "murder on the taste buds". There are three varieties of hot sauce available from these prisoners including Original, Smoke and No Escape (note the irony on that last product in the line). The hot sauce is made onsite in the prison from "locally" grown peppers.

So Lethal Hot SauceSo Lethal Hot Sauce

Hey, brand marketing is crucial and by shedding light on their unique situation, these entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves and setting themselves apart from their competition.

Via: Springwise

Sep 5, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand concept nationwide

Id rather have Inmates doing these behind Bars aside being couch potatoes:
o Fighting wildfires
o fighting floodwaters.
o clearing debris
o Cooking, making sauces, etc.
o Servicing cars, trucks, planes?
o Basic shop skills etc.

& then doing the Chain Gang via electronic bracelet system for roadside work.

Much needed in CA System.

Need more inmates like those who are now Improving theyre lives

Hope theyre sauce comes to CA & HI markets.