In A Jam: This Is Not Your Great-Grandpa's Bathtub Gin

It appears that you can make jam out of just about anything these days -- even gin and whiskey. Take Bathtub Gin Artisanal Jam for example. Okay, they aren't really made of gin and whiskey. They are made from the best organicBathtub Gin JamBathtub Gin Jam fruit available that is blended into a surprising line of jams with a touch of a potent potable to give it something special that you won't find in other preserves.

The company was started by two sisters with a flair for making homemade jam and a passion for cocktails. The entire line of jams was inspired by the 20s and 30s, Prohibition, speakeasys, and the days of homemade hooch. Flavors include London Pink Gin, Peach Brandy Blueberry, Whiskey Cherry Tomato, and Coconut Rum Pineapple.

The jams are carefully crafted in small batches for maximum quality control. Each jar has the art deco look and feel of a bygone era of first plenty and then poverty wedged between two world wars. Each flavor is unique and a delectable mix of fruit, alcohol, and spices to give your taste buds a whole new adventure. While alcohol is used in the cooking process to add flavor the actual alcohol is dispersed in the heating process.

Bathtub Gin Jam -- London Pink GinBathtub Gin Jam -- London Pink GinYou can enjoy them at breakfast spread on toast points or croissants. For lunch you can give your peanut butter sandwich the surprise of a lifetime. In the evening you can relax with a cocktail made with your favorite jam. Say what? Yes, cocktails made with jam. The sisters have come up with recipes for cocktails to be made with their artisanal jams. For a look at these recipes, click here.

You can also use them in any of your recipes that call for jam or jelly. Use it to fill thumbprint cookies, layered into a cake, or as a glaze for meat. 

In January 2013 Bathtub Gin took home a gold medal from the Good Food Awards for their Peaches 'N Cream preserves. Order a gift box set from Firebox and your choice of jam will come with a miniature hip flask for a gift that will be remembered forever.

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