Jam With Rock Stars At Home Using Virtual, Private Music Lessons

 Have your heart set on receiving private music lessons from industry professionals and celebrities? Until recently, I'd tell you to keep on dreaming. Now, professional musicians come to your home; virtually of course, to teach you how to play the guitar, piano and more, or improve your singing voice with professional vocal lessons.

In Home, Private Music Lessons By Rock Stars

Unfortunately, Now Play It won't send Bono or Justin Timberlake knocking on your door to give you private music lessons; but it does offer the next best thing by bringing professional musicians into your home via the internet to teach you how to play their songs. This UK website features Full Music Tutorials, which are videos YouTube style, range from 10 to 30 minutes in length, filmed by the major recording artist responsible for the song. The video includes a one-on-one music tutorial, a Recap section; which gives musicians the opportunity to practice the music they learned on their instrument; and a Play-Through section which allows the students to play the music along with the famous recording artists. Now Play It's full private music lessons will cost you about 4 Euro per download.

Now Play It also offers a Lite music lesson download which goes for around 2 Euros, however, these music tutorials only come with the Recap and Practice sessions and don't include private musical tutorials from the major recording artist. With the Lite version, you won't see Bryan Adams teaching you how to play "Summer of ‘69" on the guitar, but you are provided wit the tools you need to learn how to play the music chords on your own by following the displayed guitar tablature. Not surprisingly, Now Play It's library of music tutorial downloads consists of more Lite music videos, pending the participation of more recording artists.

Apple (Macintosh) Releases Interactive Music Tutorials For Private Music Lessons

Apple now offers music tutorials that can be downloaded for your Mac. The format of these music lessons is fairly similar to those provided by Now Play It; especially since the also offer a library of downloads that let you learn to play instruments from famous recording artists. Apple does require that you first purchase the Garage Band '09 software before beginning your downloading, which provides more functionality. With each download, you get a series of nine music lessons; you can use Apple's music software to listen to different portions of the tracks (i.e. removing the other instruments to listen to the guitar solo). Apple also allows you to plug your guitar directly into your computer like an amp so you can recreate special sound effects to enhance your music. It also has a visual function, which displays a full nine-piece band, for when you're ready to jam.

Learn To Play Classical Music From Professionals

Mucony is another online service that provides virtual, private music lessons for musicians. What makes this business different from those listed above is that it doesn't focus on helping you learn to play popular music and songs; it teaches you how to play classical music and jazz music through video lessons from professional musicians. Their video classic music lessons are about 20 to 30 minutes in length and can be downloaded for $5 USD. Mucony features classical music and jazz lessons for voice, string instruments (including guitar), keyboards, wind instruments, percussion and more. Mucony also provides lessons in music theory, as it relates to classical music and jazz styles.

Learning to play an instrument can be a fun pastime, and studies show that it's also mentally stimulating. Instead of taking your private music lessons from a want to be grunge rocker that washed up from the 80's; invite a recording artist over for private instrumental tutorials. You're only a download away!