Jammin' Johns Bring The Music Scene To Your Bathroom

For some reason a few inventors have tried to bring a music taste to the bathroom. Products like toilet roll radios sound like a great idea, but they end up failing in the long run. But one company has shown that you have to sell a product from a design perspective.

Source: Jammin Johns

Adding a musical flair to your toilet, the Jammin’ Johns are becoming more popular than what you’d expect. Produced by a guitar company that manufactures some of the popular brands of guitars, the unique toilet seats feature a newly designed ring, chrome hardware and high quality finishes.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Who would want a musical instrument as their toilet seat?”. The answer is pretty simple: musicians. Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and even Steven Speilberg are just some of the customers Jammin’ Johns has sold products to.

Source: Jammin Johns

The product does seem a bit weird, but it adds a whole new design to the toilet seat and the bathroom. Instead of looking at a plain old white seat, individuals can now check out an acoustic guitar, electric guitar or piano. Like the company says, that’s music to any musician’s rear!