Janestrap: Sporty Undergarment Beats The Bounce For Busty Women

Women who are well-endowed in the breast department know just what a challenge it can be to exercise comfortably without the inevitable busty bounce that seems to go hand-in-hand with gravity. Fortunately, there's now a solution by way of a sporty undergarment that goes to places the ordinary sports bra hasn't gone yet.


The Janestrap is a simple concept that just might save lives, or at least discomfort and embarrassment. Many women who are busty find themselves unable to engage in high-impact sports, because their whole body gets right into it, including an inevitable upward bounce of the breasts. Sports bras can help keep big boobs closer to the body when exercising, but they don't seem to stop the breasts from bouncing up and then falling back into place with every aerobic motion.

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The Janestrap is designed to be worn with a good sports bra and provides support that the traditional sporty undergarments cannot. The Janestrap goes around the body and attaches in the front, right where the cleavage rests so that despite vigorous motion, a woman's breasts can remain where they belong consistently, without rising back up to the chin area and falling uncomfortably back into place.