Japan to Bring First Robot to Space


Russia was the first people to put a man in space. America was the first to put a man on the moon. Now Japan will be joining the list of space fairing firsts. They are going to be the first nation to put a robot in orbit. Not a remote controlled robot arm, but a real functional robot.

The robot, which is named Kirobo, is like a very tiny human. The bot stands at about 13 inches tall, making it about the size of a Barbie Doll. Though he is in no way likely to be confused with that buxom figure. The Kirobo bot is black and white, with a snazzy pair of red boots and a red mouth. His eyes have a wide, anime style, oval look.

Kirobo will be making a trip to the International Space Station to spend some quality time with Koichi Wakata, a Japanese astronaut. The bot will be there as a companion, as he is capable of speech. Though all of this begs one question, what does an astronaut say to a robot in space?

Sources: CBS

Image: Morgue File