Japan Is Bringing Robots To The Classroom To Learn

Robot Walking with WomanRobot Walking with Woman

We expect to see robots in a number of places in our world. We expect to see them on the floors of factories, in outer space and perhaps even vacuuming our floors on days we just don't feel like getting out a mop. But do you expect to see one in your child's fifth grade class? Well, if your child goes to Higashihikari elementary school you will need to get used to the idea. A robot named Robovie will be making a test run at the school. Researchers at the International Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute are bringing Robovie to the school in order to teach him better verbal skills.

Currently the robot speaks about as well as a five year old, but the researchers are hedging their bets that the bot will learn a lot of new words by listening to the kids at the school talking with each other and with it. In time the researchers hope that the robot will be able to learn about human manners and customs, making it easier to integrate itself into the daily life of the humans around it.

Source: Mainichi news

Image Source: IATRI