Japan Jump Starts 2008 With Fashion For Dogs

Even though the Year of the Dog won't actually be coming around again until 2018, in Japan, where there are more dogs than children under the age of 12, it's always the Year of the Dog! So, no surprise that in Tokyo last week there was a New Year Dog Party that lasted two days! And because Japanese people spend more than $10 billion a year on their pets, the world-class designers of canine couture were more than happy to participate.

The New Year Dog Party took place January 12 and 13, 2008, at Tokyo's largest exposition center, where it hosted an estimated 20,000 dog lovers. Featured was an elegant runway show, put together by Pet Fashion Week (PFW) New York, which is about to hold its own yearly pet fashion show in August 2008. (See Amazing Dogs Strut Catwalk In High Fashion.) Eighteen of the finest dog couturists were selected for the runway event.

Among them was Manford of Sweden, winner of the Media Choice Award at the 2007 PFW, for his use of Swarovski crystals in his designs.This year's new sparkler, be-decked in Swarovski, is modelled below by a handsome Dachshund.

photo via Tokyo Mangophoto via Tokyo Mango

A close-up of this hand made coat, suggests its probable price tag, although Manfred's prices are not advertised.

Manfred of Sweden, photo via Pupstyle.comManfred of Sweden, photo via Pupstyle.com


Another designer who strutted his stuff at the Dog Party was Modruff, who specializes in hand-sculpted clothing designs such as his Angel coat below:


Angel Coat by ModruffAngel Coat by Modruff


And, as in the 2007 PFW catwalk, wigs were in....


photo via Tokyo Mangophoto via Tokyo Mango

One wig more out-there than the next...


photo via Tokyo Mangophoto via Tokyo Mango

The two-day New Year Dog Party brought dog boutiques from all over Japan to display at the show, and participants brought their dogs to the Party dressed in their most fashionable garb.

I think this video, submitted to You Tube by goompaloompa, will give you a good feel for the event....

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