Japan Plans to Replace the Internet

Fed up with spam, hackers and other potholes on the information highway? Yep, me too, and we're not the only ones. Faced with reaching what experts believe is the practical limit of the current web architecture by 2020, the proactive planners at Japan's Ministry of Communications are gearing up to replace the entire rickety structure. Problematic issues of security, wireless accessibility and energy consumption are expected to be dealt with by revamping the current networking hardware and software in ways that will fundamentally change the way the web works.


Although the US and Europe have also begun preliminary research on the topic, these efforts are still in the discussion stage and in the case of the US, Congress hasn't allocated funding to support formal projects. You know what that means... Japanese researchers, on the other hand, should receive their funding next year and expect to have a dedicated research organization hard at work by fall 2008.



Yoshihiro Onishi, assistant director at the Japanese communications ministry says that "The Internet is reaching its limit. We feel this research for the technology is definitely needed." Onishi also said that "Cooperating on the research with other nations, including the United States, will be an option." Start writing your congressmen, folks... or start learning Japanese! (via Mainichi News)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

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Sep 5, 2007
by ashman (not verified)

well, I started learning japanese

Since writing your congressman in the usa is as usefull as a a sharp tentacle in the eye

Sep 6, 2007
by Darkflame (not verified)

simple changes now, no need for massive research.

a) Impliment IPv6 everywhere.

b) Enforce Net Nutrality

c) Charge 0.001p per email. (or, more realisticaly, ISP's should limit customers to 1000 free a day)

Theres a few simple things, the last of which would easily reduce spam.


2020 for an "internet2" is just pointless. 

By then, we will be discusion Augmented Reality technologys more, and it would be better to

design new protocals with that in mind.




Oct 6, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Japan seeks superiority?

To our Japanese friends: First a superior stealth fight plane; then a new Japanese flavored internet?!? Instead of wasting time and money on what you don't need, how about working on a superior earthquake detector, which you DO need!