BIG Trouble: Sumo Outsources for Survival

Kasugao - The only Korean sumotori, Kasugao has one (OK, two) distinguishing features: quite disturbingly long nipples. (image via NY Times)

Kasugao Stands OutKasugao Stands Out

Ama, by a Neck!Ama, by a Neck! Ama - A Mongolian whose actual name is Davaanyam Byambadorj, Ama didn't look too impressive in the grayish-white mawashi the color of month-old underwear he used to wear, not to mention his very un-Sumo-like, average Joe physique. Yet Ama's strength is in his heart, and he uses his quickness and agility to subdue rikishi much more formidable-looking. The popular press seems to have taken to Ama, as he is often interviewed post-bout and once submitted to a filmed sports show segment in his room. (image via Taipei Times )

Sumo Wrestlers En MasseSumo Wrestlers En Masse

Kyokutenho - One of a half-dozen or so Mongols in the upper ranks, I've re-named Kyokutenho "Tea Kettle #1" after his large, round, Buddha-like belly. "Tea Kettle #2" is...

Tokitenku - Yep, "Tea Kettle #2" perfectly suits this Mongolian wrestler, who, like Kyokutenho, doesn't really stand out in any other way. Just cannon-fodder for the higher ranks, both Tea Kettles never do especially well or notably poorly, they're just there, and then they're gone. Just checked his Makuuchi record, and it's 105 wins, 105 losses. I guess I could call Tokitenku by his real name, but seeing as it's Altangadas Khuchitbaatar, I'll stick with Tea Kettle #2.

Baruto - Ever seen a blonde sumotori? Don't blink, 'cuz there's only one: Estonia's Kaido Hoovelson, aka Baruto (Balto). Tipping the scales at 380 and probably breaking them in the process, Baruto can be frustrating to watch. Sometimes he dominates, sometimes he falls on his big white butt. Where's Cap'n Ahab when you need him? (image via ETV Sport )

Baruto - Ahab's Nemesis?Baruto - Ahab's Nemesis?

Jul 8, 2007
by Anonymous Sue Moe (not verified)

They Ought To Have A Contest

How many "every burgers" can a sumo wrestler eat?  It would be better than a hotdog-eating contest.