Japan Tobacco Introduces 'The Peace' Luxury Canned Cigarettes

Smokers seeking a more luxurious and relaxing smoking experience need look no further than “The Peace”, an all-new, top of the line canned cigarette from Japan Tobacco. Sold by a selected number of Japanese retailers at a premium price and packaged in sleek metal cans, The Peace is the ultimate expression of an iconic brand first introduced in 1946.   

Times were tough in post-war Japan, as were smokers and the cigarettes they smoked. One of the latter was “Peace” from Japan Tobacco, a cigarette boasting almost three times the tar and more than twice the nicotine as JT's current smokes. Over the past 66 years, the Peace brand has built on its early acceptance by war-weary smokers to become one of the country's most popular cigarettes.

Faced with mounting restrictions on smoking in Japan and a steadily shrinking customer base, Japan Tobacco is reaching out to deep-pocketed smokers with “The Peace”: the ultimate expression of the iconic Peace brand. The main selling points of The Peace are “the ultimate experience of aroma” along with a unique metal can exemplifying the timeless look and feel of luxury.

JT raises the aroma bar by taking a page from the master tea makers' handbook: top quality ingredients enhanced by meticulous preparation. Only 100 percent select Virginia tobacco goes into The Peace, and its mellow, rich aroma is the result of skillful blending by tobacco experts. JT then employs (for the first time in Japan) “new trimming” - a process via which flash heats the fine cut tobacco to banish any unpleasant notes.

Last and certainly not least, each package of 20 cigarettes comes in a flat steel can painted Navy Blue with gold text. The brand's classic “dove grasping an olive branch” logo, created by noted Franco-American industrial designer Raymond Loewy, is prominently displayed along with a small “The” prefacing the brand name.

The Peace goes on sale February 1st at any of 3,500 retail outlets priced at 1,000 yen (about $13), over twice the cost of Peace Infinity, the brand's former premium iteration. If that sounds a bit rich, Japan Tobacco likes it that way... according to a company spokesman, “We are responding to the needs of consumers who are not concerned with prices when it comes to high-quality products.” Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! (via Yomiuri Online and RocketNews24)