Japanese Eyeball Ghost Charm Spooks Sports Fans

"Medama no Oyaji", or "Eyeball Daddy" is a classic Japanese character designed by illustrator Shigeru Mizuki and featured in the 1968-69 TV show "Gegege no Kitaro". Mizuki's unique and distinctive interpretation of a Japanese ghost has now been applied to these cute & creepy charms from Japanese phone strap mavens Strapya World.

Available in baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis themes, each Medama No Oyaji Club Activity Netsuke Cell Phone Strap features a naked crawling baby... with a giant eyeball for a head! Strange yes, but also weirdly endearing - it grows on you!

Each delightfully disturbing eyeball ghost charm sells for 420 yen (about $3.70) and measures 3cm or just over an inch in diameter. They come with a good quality attachment strap with a metal ferrule and hardware to keep it firmly attached. Casper, eat your heart out!

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer


Oct 26, 2007
by Tiffany (not verified)


All I can say is OK! That one is very interesting. I'm sure boys would love it.