Japanese Fashion Designer United Bamboo Creates Cat Ready-To-Wear!

It was just a matter of time before a Japanese fashion house began seriously designing for cats;  cat-dressing is getting too big for the petwear trade.  United Bamboo has come out with a line of ready-to-wear for cats that match their women's fashions for the Fall and Winter season 2009 - 2010.  Here is a preview of the collection....




Long known as the world's fashion center for cats, Tokyo also boasts the world's busiest cat modeling agency.   Take a look at a few of these kittens, and you'll see why.  Trouble is, once the kittens age and put on weight, there are no jobs for them any more.




To celebrate its new line of cat ready-to-wear fashion, United Bamboo is publishing a limited edition United Bamboo 2010 Calendar featuring these gorgeous kittens in their hot ready-to-wear outfits.  All photos were taken by Noah Sheldon, as are the ones above.  For information or to reserve your copy of the calendar, write to help@unitedbamboo.com.


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Nov 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Cat Ready to Wear

Well, I've just about heard it all now, cat ready to wear, whatever next! I know the Japanese are mad keen on cats, but this is just ridiculous. These poor, poor animals. How on earth do they tolerate this? Is this real or another hoax??

Nov 13, 2009
by Anonymous