Japanese Fast-Food Chain Serves Up Surf & Turf On A Bun

Cheeseburger or Shrimp Burger, which one should I get? Why not both! The Shrimp Exquisite Twin Burger from Japanese fast-food restaurant chain Lotteria aims to satisfy those who long for the surf but also love the turf.

South Korean entrepreneur Shin Jun Ho founded Lotteria in 1972 with the first four stores opening in Tokyo by September of that year. It wasn't until 1979 that Lotteria gained a foothold in Seoul, South Korea and since then the brand has established itself in China, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Japan and South Korea are the chain's heartland with each nation hosting hundreds of locations.

Though corporate strategy positions Lotteria as an alternative to McDonald's with a menu heavily weighted with burgers and chicken sandwiches, the chain's offerings include several signature items such as the Shrimp Burger, first introduced in 1977 and still going strong today.

Some Lotteria foodies are spoiled for choice, however, and top management was in a bind trying to figure out the best way to accommodate customers whose eyes were bigger than both their bellies and budgets. The solution as per Lotteria's official press release is the Shrimp Exquisite Twin Burger, available beginning July 4th, 2013 for a limited time only. If it sells well it'll likely stay.

Each double delight features one beef hamburger patty topped with cheddar and gouda cheese alongside one breaded shrimp burger topped with shredded cabbage and Lotteria's original tartar sauce on a double-wide soft French bun. As always, of course, solving one problem leads to another... once you've bought and unwrapped your Shrimp Exquisite Twin Burger, which end will you start eating first? (via Terusoku)