Japanese Fish Beer Adds a Dash of Dashi

Just a dash of dashi makes you drink like a fish!Just a dash of dashi makes you drink like a fish!
Japan is notorious for adapting foreign culture, crafts and cuisine to suit its taste. Sometimes this works, other times... well, there's Tosa Kuroshio Karyudo Beer.

Located in the province of Kochi, formerly known as Tosa before the 19th century Meiji Restoration, Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu brews a variety of beers of which we must assume the majority are unremarkable. Not so Tosa Kuroshio Karyudo Beer - it's quite remarkable because its outstanding ingredient is dashi.

Dashi, made from dried konbu seaweed and dried Bonito - a fish related to tuna - adds a distinct flavor to Japanese miso soup. Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu wasn't satisfied to leave well enough alone, however, and decided for some unknown reason to add dashi to their Karyudo Beer. I'm guessing alcohol was involved.

Seaweed & fish flakes make the sea-king of beersSeaweed & fish flakes make the sea-king of beers
If you've got a hankering for some fish beer, you have two options: see a psychiatrist or contact Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu to order a variety six-pack gift set which includes 2 bottles of Karyudo Beer. Lord knows what's in the other 4 bottles, although I have my suspicions... and there IS a Scallop Beer made by a rival brewer. (via Japan Marketing News)
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