Japanese Go "Ghetto" with Cool Cell Phone Holsters

You've gotta love the folks at Strapya World , or as they might put it, you MUST love them! SW flogs a multitude of cell phone straps - a decorative product pretty much unique to Japan which accessorizes the different type of phones they have there. I'll discuss cell phone straps further in an upcoming article. Strapya also markets other cell phone accessories and neat PC gadgets, often describing them in a kind of Japanese Ebonics sometimes referred to as "Engrish". While browsing their site recently, the "Ghetto Japanese Cellphone Holster" caught my attention. Did it ever... ghetto??... somebody call Al Sharpton on the cell phone!


"Snatch and answer the phone in a sec, quick-draw the trigger!"

Delicate language issues aside, the product in question is actually pretty neat. It's also nice to see Japanese product design catering to the opposite sex... you know, the one that does NOT squeal "kawaiiii!" (cuuute!) a dozen times a minute and who have made the horrid Hello Kitty brand into the pink plague that kills with kindness. Where was I? Oh yeah, the "Ghetto Japanese Cellphone Holster"... marketed with an in yo-yo-yo face aplomb that uneasily mixes gangsta kool with Marlboro Man machismo. See, we CAN all get along!


"It's quite urban-wild design to satisfy all of the contemporary "Magnificent Seven"!"

The hip-mounted holder, or "holster" might be more apropo, looks a lot like a designer mousetrap sans designer cheese. Gleaming polished chromed steel and black patent leather combine to hug your cell in a grip the Marquis de Sade would envy. The hand-made holster hales from Osaka, Japan, and adjusts to accommodate a variety of cell sizes. Not to mention it delightfully coordinates with your biker leathers. (images and captions via Strapya World)


"The Coolest style you can bring a cell like a wild-west gunman in this too much modernized world."

The "Ghetto Japanese Cellphone Holster, Tough and Smart (smart?) Metal Protector for Mobile Phones" is available direct from Strapya World and costs 3,129 Yen (about $25) plus shipping. As Strapya sez, "let's pre-order today!"

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Jul 4, 2007
by Anonymous Wes Smith (not verified)

I'd Like to Get A Holster For My

"Point and Shoot" digital camcorder!!!!

Jul 12, 2007
by kAHoneez (not verified)

Cell Phone Holster

I don't see the language problem and this design is more than " neat " , in my opinion is VERY ingenous , and very cever . One it holds the phone snug w/o damage bcs of the padding and 2. it's adjustable to accomodate different cell phones , plus the over all design is very hip .

Mar 18, 2008
by Anonymous

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i love you

Mar 18, 2008
by Anonymous

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Aug 20, 2008
by Anonymous

@kAHoneez: haha.. "hip"

@kAHoneez: haha.. "hip"