Japanese Kanjani Eight Boy Band Alarm Clock Sings You Awake

If waking up to the sweet singing sounds of one of Japan's best-loved boy bands makes your day, then the limited-edition Kanjani Eight Special Alarm Clock will make you very, very happy.

The clock bears the legend “SEVEN-ELEVEN 15,500 Of Happiness X KANJANI8” indicating its origin as a promotional item from Japan's Seven & I Holdings (7-11 in Japan) and Johnny & Associates, the multimedia talent agency that manages Kanjani Eight and a host of other, similar boy bands.

The promotional machine charged with keeping these bands in the public eye never stops, and pity the poor creative types who are the cogs in that machine.

Having to come up with a never-ending series of campaigns intended to keep bands like Kanjani Eight hip, trendy and relevant to their audiences isn't easy, so items like the Kanjani Eight Special Alarm Clock come and go with dizzying frequency.

The Kanjani Eight Special Alarm Clock is, well, special. The alarm features the recorded voices of Kanjani Eight's seven members (yes, only seven, go figure) along with bobble-head style upper torso figurines of the band mounted on the clock's upper surface. And you thought Velvet Elvis clocks were gauche.

Only 300 of the clocks were produced and anyone who wanted one had to win a lottery conducted by Seven & I. At least one of the 180mm wide by 100mm deep by 120mm tall (roughly 7” by 4” by 5”) clocks was put up for auction at Yahoo Japan with the winning bid clocking in at a staggering 46,100 yen (about $460!).

Kudos to the cool peeps at Rinkya-Japan who could have helped foreign folks bid on this one-of-a... OK, one of 300 item that looks more like a bedside Whack-A-Mole game than an alarm clock. You can bet that should this writer find one on his bedside table, singing me awake, it would be treated like a Whack-A-Mole game. Hmm, I wonder if Kanjani Eight know “I Got You Babe”. (via Rinkya-Japan, Entabe, and Mbok)