New Look-alike Dolls Combine Creepy and Cute

A Japanese toy company called Grand Chariot will produce, for just $208 and in a month's time, a look-alike doll figurine from a submitted photo. Call it cool, cute or creepy... just don't call it Mini Me!

My figurine, my self...My figurine, my self...
In the above photo, Grand Chariot employees Hideaki Suzuki (left) and Eri Nagase (right) show off their own look-alike figurines at the 64th Tokyo International Gift Show that began on September 4. One must assume clothing is included, as the fit seems right for the size of each doll.

Grand Chariot's look-alike doll service is neither cheap nor quick, but for those who need this type of figurine, the cost and time are justified: 24,150 yen or $208 for each doll, and it takes about a month to complete following the submission of a suitable photo. Are the dolls anatomically correct? Shame on you for asking... er, I guess it depends on what kind of photo you provide.

So, you might ask, who would want such a doll? Cute yes, but creepy, no? Remember that Seinfeld episode in which George finds a doll in his fiancée's collection that looks eerily, alarmingly, like his mother? Yeah, that kind of creepy.

Imagine your girlfriend giving you a doll that looks like her... think you'd be fooling around under its watchful gaze? No way, Jose!

Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid... other non-psychotic uses for a look-alike figurine would be as a prize, or maybe placed atop a wedding cake alongside a look-alike spouse... I may be paranoid, but that IS creepy! You agree?

(via News On Japan, image via PhysicsForums)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Sep 5, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Other Use?

Maybe if you don't feel like going to your therapy session you can leave your doll with a Therapy Buddy and hope for some vicarious treatment.

Sep 9, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

look-alike dolls

i would like to know how to get in contact with the grand chariot inventors to make a look-alike doll? why do i need a doll that looks like me you think? well i have a daughter and she really loves me but me and her mother are divorced. once in a week i can see her but only for a few hours. and whit a look-alike doll of myself she has her daddy always close to her. strange? maybe but for her its good because she won't forget her daddy. and i'am always at her side. that's why i want to know how i can get in contact to make a lokk-alike doll


Sep 9, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

contact info

Hi Mike, i don't have contact info for Grand Chariot but you could try doing some Googling to try and bring it up. Hope it works out for you - hope also your ex doesn't confiscate the doll to practice voodoo on!

Sep 11, 2007
by josh (not verified)

Grand Chariot Where is that link?

googling the Grand Chariot doesnt work :( please help us find the link to these dolls!!

Sep 30, 2007
by Jeremie (not verified)


the site is in japanese or chinese or something. is there an english version/? would love to get this as a gift for someone i know

Sep 30, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

English site?

Not that i know of... you can try emailing them in English, most Japanese know some English and someone there should be able to figure out what you need.

Sep 2, 2008
by Anonymous

E mail address

I logged on the japanese website and after I pressed a couple links (which were totally unknown to me as I couldn't understand them) I came across a page which gave the email address and which I assume is the contact address. I just sent them an e mail now as I'm interested in obtaining one.

This e mail address is:

Sep 4, 2008
by Anonymous

lookalike doll

Mike if you can contact the centre management of the DISCOVERY MALL in Kuta/Bali
they may be able to give you a contact. There is a reflexology/massage business next to the public toilets. a young japanese lad sells these exact dolls from a section of massage shop the dolls cost around A$200 under 4 weeks delivery.
Good Luck

Sep 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Lookalike Doll

Mike I had ordered 3 dolls one of each of my kids supplying 3 professional photos.
the dolls arrived today. One was broken, one had the body of a basketballer when I had asked for the body of a motobike rider, none of the three dolls looked much like my kids, very disappointed. the japanese guy I bought from in bali does not represent Grand chariot from Japan as the dolls I received came from China - obviously this Guy in bali is a poor example of the renouned china copycat. Dont bother with Bali keep trying Grand chariot. It'll happen for you!
cheers mate

Sep 21, 2008
by Anonymous


I know, right? So voodoo is the first thing that sprang to mind as I was reading about this doll concept. I think it'd be cool (in a narcissistic way) to have a a look alike doll of me. But then if someone really hated me they'd come steal it and practice voodoo rituals on it to get to me. And it would be wierd to try to explain to your friends. Oh, yeah, my doll is in a body cast because Sheila hates me for stealing her boyfriend. You know?