Japanese Maid Cafe Girl Plush Cell Phone Charm / Wrist Rest


If you've always wanted a Japanese maid cafe girl - or just certain parts of one - for your very own, now you can have the next best thing: a plush cellphone charm or mouse wrist rest that looks like a maid's lower half.

Japan's legions of "otaku" geeks just love maids for some reason and Tokyo's geek mecca of Akihabara boasts abundant Maid Cafes offering platonic, non-threatening, cosplay companionship to socially stunted basement-dwellers. Whew! Though the maids themselves are not available for "take out", some manufacturers have introduced maid-related products that lonely dudes can bring home - and even sleep with.


We suppose one could sleep with these Japanese Maid Cafe Girl Plush Cell Phone Charm / Wrist Rests but they're actually designed to hang from your cell phone or zipper. No, not THAT zipper!

The maid charms come with an easily detachable chain that lets you position them beneath your wrist while you surf the 'net for tech gadgets, gaming tips and... other things. Choose from black or pink - both are about 7 inches long and are made from stain-resistant polyester. Ew.


*** UPDATED! Originally published on July 19th, 2009