Japanese Nostalgic Mosquito Coil Charms Gives a Scents of Summer

What's a Japanese summer without mosquitoes... and the unique sweet scent of green spiral Uzumaki pyrethrum coils, slowly smoldering away inside an open-ended Katori Buta ceramic pig!

Now you can set those childhood memories ablaze once more, thanks to these miniature KIncho anti-mosquito charms. Take the tiny (4cm or 1.57”) pale yellow Katori Buta charm, for instance: it proudly carries the name KINCHO in red, recognizing the company who invented and perfected the formula for non-toxic mosquito repelling coils over a century ago – and who have barely changed their style and design since.

The actual coils are made from a blend of herbs and floral deterrents including eucalyptus and pyrethrum, which give off a pleasant aroma when burned... pleasant to humans, that is. According to Kincho, tiny particles in the smoke block the breathing holes of any incoming 'skeeters, encouraging them to do an immediate 180 – or else.

The Katori Buta charm in particular has been crafted with such respect to the real thing, one can spy a tiny green coil mounted inside the charm. Now how cute is that? Just in case admirers need a further jog to their memories, each Katori Buta charm includes an accompanying miniature replica of a Kincho green pyrethrum coil.

The Kincho-authorized summer series of anti-mosquito charms also includes miniature versions of the classic “rooster head” Kincho Uzumakibako mosquito coil box and a retro personal Kincho Uchiwa fan. As with the Katori Buta charm, these include a bonus mini Kincho green pyrethrum coil. All charms come in two configurations: as a classic cell phone strap or as a useful “netsuke” charm equipped with a metal lobster-claw clip. Buzzkill? Bring it on!