Japanese Ogori Cafe: Would You Dine Where Every Meal Is A Surprise?

Sometimes when you go to a restaurant, you read through the meal descriptions and it's the luck of the draw as to whether or not it meets your expectations once your food turns up at the table. There's additional adventure involved when eating at a restaurant where you don't speak the language that the menu is written in. But what would you think of eating somewhere that makes sure every meal you have is a complete surprise?

Ogori CafeOgori Cafe

The new Japanese Ogori Cafe surprises you every time you come to dine. The fare is basic, with coffees, juices, pastries and sandwiches, but at this casual dining establishment you'll never be sure what you get. You have the chance to review the menu and place your order, but what you'll receive won't be what you asked for; it'll be the same order that the last customer requested.  No word on which fare you actually pay for, if there's one price for every item on the menu.

Cafe Surprises DinersCafe Surprises Diners

The Japanese Ogori Cafe offers a unique experience, but would you dine there?

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Oct 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Dining Unadventure

In a way Yes to experience NEW, but I cant take dishes that are 2 exotic IE
camels brains & or have
tomatoes- unless sauce, soup, juice style.

If I dont know what Im ordering & then not knowing what prior customer had Id be
1. sick
2. leave to find dining elsewhere.

Very risky BUT in a way 2 lose business & even lawsuits IF in the US.

Unique idea though.