Japanese 'Power Lunch' Curry & Pizza Bars Add Spice to Your Busy Life

Think about what goes into healthy nutritional power bars and you'll probably guess fruit, nuts, granola, chocolate, honey – often in combination. Japan's House Foods has another, very different idea for their new “Power Lunch” bars.

How do Curry, Spicy Curry and Pizza Ranch sound? Not exactly the Trail Mix you were thinking of, amiright? And really, when you're out on some isolated mountain path many miles from the nearest, er, facilities, do you really want to scarf down a Spicy Curry bar or two?

Evidently House Foods, a large Japanese foodstuffs conglomerate, is hoping these exotic flavors will have you climbing every mountain – if there's a convenience store selling them on the other side. The bars contain 10 different vitamins and minerals and are guaranteed to remain fresh up to 6 months after production provided their wrappers aren't opened.

“Power Lunch” bars weigh 40 grams (1.43 oz) each and look a little like a sausage roll somebody sat on. Both the Curry and Spicy Curry bars are flavored with pepper, cumin and cardamom. Just what you need to keep the grizzlies away.

The Pizza Ranch bar promises “A perfect balance of flavors - cheese and sour tomato pizza is the familiar taste.” Ideal for when you're Rocky Mountain High... or just playing WOW in your Mom's basement. (via Gigazine)