Japanese Replica Taxi Meter Shames Free-Riding Freeloaders

Freeloading friends making you feel like a taken-advantage taxi driver? Spoiled teenage kids too lazy to take the bus? Don't be a crabby cabby, get even - and get a fake (but oh-so-real-looking) taxi meter!

This 2-inch by 5-inch replica taxi meter is modeled after those found in cabs that cruise Japan's major cities; maybe a few of the minor cities as well. Just pop in a trio of AA batteries (not included, natch), stick the meter on your dash and make your point to vehicular deadbeats without saying a word... or maybe just 4 words: "You talkin' to me??"



The meter features a 4-digit display in red, much like those seen on older digital clock radios. Beneath the display are a row of 6 buttons marked from the left, in Japanese: Ride, Extra, Super, Transfer, Payment and Empty. Push any of the first three buttons and the yen counter starts, Payment stops the timer and Empty acts as a reset.


The manufacturer's website prominently displays a warning that using the replica taxi meter as, well, a taxi meter is illegal and punishable by law so govern yourself accordingly. Want one of these? Sure you do - they come in Coal Black or Woodgrain cases and cost 1800 yen (about $18) each. (via TokyoMango