Japanese Restaurant Serves Super Sumo-Sized Sushi

Futomaki, meh. Fat-o-maki, yeah! A Japanese restaurant in Aichi Prefecture is serving up seafood you can see for miles, no telescope required. Don't expect to walk in unannounced to grab a super-sized sushi set, mind you, and forget about drive-thru ordering – that only works on The Flintstones.

Take their jumbo futomaki roll, for instance. The restaurant chefs pack 20 different types of fish, seafood and assorted accompaniments onto a bed of sushi rice laid out along a 2-meter (over 6.5 ft) length of dried nori seaweed. After rolling, it looks sort of like an artillery shell and eating it involves a whole lot of slicing and sectioning.

Be prepared to pay 15,000 yen for the Rodan-sized roll, which has to be ordered 2 days in advance. Not eating anything for the 2 days you're waiting is probably a good idea.

For those who prefer their sushi nigiri style, the restaurant doesn't disappoint. Presented on a wooden platter the size of a child's school bench, the super-jumbo set offers Ikura (salmon roe), Tamago, Octopus, Squid and Tuna.

The slab of maguro is big enough to create 40 regular-sized nigiri-zushi portions. Better not let Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd get wind of this. Along with your super-sized sushi set, you'll get what must be the world's tiniest sushi set; it appears to be packed in a matchbox and actually makes the jumbo set look even larger... which is probably the whole point. (via Japan Probe and Tabelog)