Japanese Sailor School Swimsuit Adds Class To Any Beach

Few things go together like summer and school because, well, summer and school really don't go together at all: just ask Alice Cooper. Don't look now but the Sailor School Swimsuit is about to change all that. School's out and so's the sun, so catch some rays & waves Sailor Moon style!

Designed to embody the most distinctive features of traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniforms - “sailor suits” to the unenlightened – the Sailor School Swimsuit has profound appeal for anime fans, heat-intolerant cosplayers and/or any female going through a mid-life crisis.

The Made In Japan swimsuits come in a choice of Blue or White with contrasting trim and a removable red scarf. The 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane suits feature a front zipper that allows wearers to adjust the fit around the bustline. Only Small and Medium sizes are offered... perhaps SchoolFiction isn't hearing much demand from full-size prospective clients.

One caveat regarding the White swimsuits is that, according to the SchoolFiction website, “because white is quite transparent, it is recommended to wear underwear underneath.” It's only a recommendation; your choices are yours to make and who are we to judge, amiright?

Lastly, some may disparage the concept of Japanese Schoolgirl swimsuits as being somehow exploitative, chauvinistic, creepy. Surely SchoolFiction, which describes themselves as a “Nerd&Fetish Brand”, neither has such intentions nor makes any such implications. Get yours via White Rabbit Express, priced at 12,000 yen (roughly 125 to $130) per suit.