World's Weirdest Spa Baths? Chicken Soup and More

Sake soakieSake soakie
Japan's hot spring resorts have served as prized relaxation spots for centuries, but these days they're under pressure as competition heats up and stricter government regulations kick in. Many "Onsen" resorts are now dispensing with pretenses and simply calling themselves "spas". Hakone Yunessun near beautiful Mount Fuji is one resort that has taken the spa route, evidently having decided that a bigger piece of the tourist pie can be garnered by offering guests much more than the traditional sit & soak.

Chicken soup for the soles

Soup-er size it!Soup-er size it!
For those who've felt so hungry they wanted to dive right in to their bowl of soup, the Ramen Soup Bath is the answer to your dreams! Check ou the soupy soaking going on in this video:

Guests soak in a giant soup bowl and are doused with noodles and curry sauce as faux noodles dangle overhead - sounds like a bath requiring another bath afterwards!


Real cuppa Joe

Good to the last gallon!Good to the last gallon!
Coffee drinkers will be in their element - literally - in this scenic outdoor Coffee Bath. One wonders if it's hard to relax surrounded by all that caffeine, unless they're using decaf. Starbucks, are you listening?

Tea for 2... or 22

Gang greenGang green
Japan, of course, loves green tea and what self-respecting theme spa would neglect the nation's loyal tea-drinkers? Not this one - the Green Tea Bath features a giant teapot that continually pours vivid green Japanese tea into the bath. Don't soak too long; you'll end up looking as wrinkled as a used teabag!

Wining & Diving

Godzilla's favorite cocktailGodzilla's favorite cocktail
The Hakone Yunessun spa has done something really magical by turning water into wine! Well, not really... except that wine now flows where water once did. The Wine Bath features a huge wine bottle from which flows a true Nectar of the Gods, tinted rich red and heated to a soothing warmth. Thrice daily, staff come by to pour actual wine into the bath and onto the bathers.

Drowning in your beer

Strange brew...Strange brew...
Any guy who comes home smelling like he fell into a beer vat now has an excuse: "Gee honey I just stopped off at the Beer Bath with the guys after work." The Beer Bath at the Hakone Yunessun spa is shaped lie a frosty mug and is filled with warm, amber-colored water topped with hop-scented foam. Inspired by championship celebrations in Japan which feature beer instead of champagne, the beer bath allows guests to share the thrill of victory - while soaking the agony out of their feet.

Japan has a reputation of being a land where the people are exceptionally clean due to daily bathing. With spa baths offering this much fun, it's a wonder they bathe only once a day! (via Yahoo! News, images via Amman-DJ)

Steve Levenstein
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Oct 11, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Via yahoo news?  Give me a

Via yahoo news?  Give me a fucking break.  I clicked on that video and found that this post is nothing more than a complete rip off of two JapanProbe posts.

Oct 11, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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and your point is?

Japan Probe is a great site, but Yahoo News is where i found my source. If you have an issue, take it up with Yahoo.

Oct 13, 2007
by Moses (not verified)


It is a really good idea to have  crazy spa shapes. I liked them. Thanks for sharing...

Nov 9, 2007
by Rick (not verified)

With all the copyright laws,

With all the copyright laws, is it legal to copy videos off TV then add in their URL to these videos to promote their site? Unlike people who copy the videos and post on you tube anonymously, its obvious Japanprobe is doing the copying and then posting them. Shouldn't JASRAC or somebody being suing them? Just a thought. BTW, I like your blog and theirs.

Nov 12, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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adding their URLs

I had noticed that too - obviously they (Japan Probe) didn't make the video but had added their URL in large print. Seems like effective free advertising if you can get away with it...