Japanese TV Dusts Off the Competition With Maid Detective

Hollywood's TV brain trust (such as it is) has dipped into the deep, dark well of Japanese television of late with mixed results. Perhaps they're just copying the wrong shows. I mean, how often can you stand watching competitors weave their way through watery obstacle courses anyway, without even a Kenny Blankenship or two to provide comic relief?

Well studios, Japan's TV Asahi has a new show that features something REALLY interesting - a maid who works undercover as a detective. And get this: it's called... Maid Detective!

Featuring upcoming actress and singer Saki Fukuda, 18, in the starring role, Maid Detective is the story of a maid named Aoi Wakatsuki works for Toshiaki Kaido, a detective for the Kyoto Prefectural Police. Kaido asks his maid to infiltrate stately mansions to conduct investigations, since for one reason or another the police can't operate in the open. Wakatsuki knows the ways of the criminal element since she once led a feared all-female street gang - hey, where's THAT show?

Anyway, reality TV it ain't. What it is, is decent entertainment that combines the action of a crime drama, the appeal of maids and a dash of comedic flair: Wakatsuki's climactic weekly tag line, "Allow me to clean up the dirt from this evil!" 

Said "cleaning" is done with a wicked-looking "cutie cleaner", which sort of looks like a Swiffer on steroids.

In a brilliant promotional move, EMI Music Japan will be releasing Fukuda's new limited edition single with a free miniature cutie cleaner cellphone charm, along with a ticket to the CD's release event on August 12. Hannah Montana who?? (via Japan Today and Crunchyroll)