Japan's Nankai Electric Railway Animates Transportation With A Blazing Red Mobile Suit Gundam Train

Gundam it, Japan's Nankai Electric Railway knows how to celebrate special occasions in style! To mark the 20th anniversary of their Airport Line, passengers can ride the Mobile Suit Gundam UC - Neo Zeon Limited Express Rapi:t train and stock up on some cool commemorative swag.

Running between Izumisano Station and Kansai Airport Station in Osaka, the Airport Line opened on June 15th 1994 and within three months the first Limited Express Rap:t train made its debut.

Nankai Electric Railway will be operating the special Gundam train on the Express line between Namba Station and Kansai Airport Station beginning on April 26th and ending on June 30th of 2014.

NER's royal blue Rapi:t trains have gained a measure of notoriety from Japan's legions of railway otaku (train geeks, one might say) for looking eerily like Mobile Suit Zaku.

The fact was duly noted by Nankai Railway's marketing department, and with a little custom logo decals and a LOT of bright red paint an ordinary Rapi:t train was transformed. As NER puts it, “You can feel the Mobile Suit Gundam UC's view of the world.” Check out this video and decide for yourself:

The Neo Zeon Limited Express is not only awesomely Gundam-like on the outside, a number of custom interior mods have been instituted specifically to warm the hearts of train-riding Gundam fans. 

Several so-called “Super Seats” installed in the train's fifth car have been specially decorated to evoke Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn characters Angelo Sauper, Full Frontal and Mineva Lao Zabi. The Super Seats will sell for a 40% premium over the 1,020 yen (about $10) regular fare. 

Special Neo Zeon swag is also available for purchase during the anniversary line's limited operating time. Commemorative Muffler Towels will go for 1,000 yen each (limited to 1,000) while Commemorative Clear File Sets are priced at 700 yen each with a limit of 1,500 sets.

Tickets went on sale April 26th and are available for purchase through June 30th so if going places Gundam-style is your thing, suit up already and get yourself to Osaka! (via Rinkya Blog, jiji.com, and Gundam Guy)