Jawbone’s UP Takes Your Health Seriously

The UP by JawboneThe UP by Jawbone


Jawbone’s UP (available from Verizon Wireless) promises to help you reach those New Year's resolutions you might have abandoned months ago.

The UP, a quaint wristband (coming in several colors), is attractive in its way, and a great integration of the way we actually use technology. Jawbone’s a company known for products with a lifestyle slant, and the UP, while not a complete knockout, does have a lot of potential. Iif you’re looking for new ways to monitor your health, the UP is certainly worth trying.

With a tagline like “Know yourself, Live Better,” you would think that Jawbone’s UP product would be flawless. Some things work very well, others, not as much, but overall the product does a pretty good job of keeping you motivated.

Using your iPhone or Android device, the UP can track your sleep patterns, your daily activity, your food and drink intake, your mood, and more. Well, actually, the mood function requires you to give it an update on your feelings. Feeling happy, grumpy, or somewhere in between? Log it in. It’ll even let you know if you’ve been sitting too long.

It connects with other fitness apps as well. So, if you use RunKeeper, MyFitness Pal, Withings, IFTTT, or Wello, you’ll experience seamless integration.

Additionally, you can track your weight, map your bike rides, access extensive food libraries and more, and that data will be seamlessly integrated into your UP feed, lifeline and trends. You can also view detailed UP sleep, movement, food and mood data within selected apps to make those experiences even better, or at least, that’s what they claim.

What UP does a good job of, is providing you with hard data. Daily. That’s positive reinforcement for the 21st century.

For more information on the UP from Jawbone, click here.

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