Jaws Does Jewelry: Shark Jaw Ring Inspired By Shark Week

Shark Week, which took place last week on The Discovery Channel has become so popular that it was the top trending topic on Twitter while it was taking place. With all the hype surrounding it, there's a lot of people really disappointed that they won't get their shark fix for another year. The solution? A unique jewelry piece designed with Shark Week in mind!

Since the main focus of Shark Week tends to be related to attacks, this is a fitting piece of jewelry created by Disney Couture Jewelry and The Discovery Channel did truly inspire it. Wear this gold shark jaw ring and every time you look at your hand, you can remember the images of punctured flesh when you're missing it most..like on a day at the beach! Don't worry, it's the perfect funky accessory to get you through another year until Shark Week happens all over again.

Via: Nylon Mag