Jays A-Jays Five Earbud Review

Earbuds are a fickle thing. When you have to fit so much tech into a little earbud, something is going to have to suffer. Whether it is comfort or sound quality, sacrifices have to be made. The a-Jay Five has tried to fit everything into one package. Available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows devices, how do the Jays a-Jay Five stack up to other earbuds on the market?

The a-Jays Five are available in black or white, and include stellar packaging for the product. Included with the headphones is a circular carrying case for traveling with your headphones. Simply wrap them up and go. Also included are extra earbud pieces of different sizes, and a clip to keep the wires out of your way when wearing the earbuds.

Packaging for the Jays a-Jay FivePackaging for the Jays a-Jay Five

The wires use a flat design which is used to minimize tangled cords, while not perfect, does prevent many of the usual tangles you get when wearing headphones. One of the main features of the a-Jays Five is the presence of controls on the wire near the top of the right earbud. This three button system allows users to turn music up and down, as well as pause songs and skip them.

Earbud ControlEarbud Control

The a-Jays Five do a great job at recreating the higher notes and frequencies found in music.  The highs are very dynamic in the headphones and transitions smoothly from high pitched vocals to electric guitars. On high quality versions of acoustic songs, the a-Jays are able to pick up on the small nuances of guitar strums. If the artist misses a note slightly, you're going to hear it. This might not be for everyone, but if you take your music seriously, you will appreciate it. 

The lower notes do not perform as well, however. The a-Jays Five recreates very low frequencies fine, but struggles in the 35-45hz range.  The notes have no depth and leave the user feeling uninspired. It's a strange mix with the a-Jays Five. The deep lows and highs are recreated beautiful, but the midrange is lackluster. There is nothing inspiring about the mid-range, and you are left with a weird mix of great extremes, and unimpressive mids.

Another huge factor when dealing with earbuds is the comfort level, and how well they stay in-ear.  The a-Jays come with 5 sets of different size rubber pieces for the end of the buds, so customization is nice. However,, the a-Jays Five have a tendency to fall out of your ears very easily. After trying to work out with the a-Jays Five, I finally had to give up and switch back to my standard Samsung earbuds. I'm not sure if it was the heavyweight flat cord or the heavy earbud section, but I struggled keeping them in my ears.

Coming in at $80 - $100 range, the Jays a-Jay Five is not a bad set of headphones. However, for the price, there are better options. But if you are looking for a pair of headphones that work well with your phone, and prefer to have controls available on the unit, then the a-Jay Five may be a good purchase for you.

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