JBL Introduces Futuristic iPod Speaker Dock

Finding a cool speaker setup for your iPod can be a difficult task. There are a variety of different speakers out there, but there are only a few that aren’t boring. JBL Home Audio has a solution as they’ve introduced a new product with a futuristic look.

No it’s not a dog’s food dish; it’s a new and unique iPod speaker dock. The JBL On Stage 200ID high performance loudspeaker dock is said to be the complete iPod and iPhone sound system. Without excess cables and wires, the dock has stereo mini jack connection that can let you play music from your iPod or other devices such CD players and computers.

One of the main features of this specific dock is that it has a remote control. Equipped with a music mode and navigation mode, the remote can control the volume, change songs and help you go through the menus on your iPod. This is a great advantage that separates the JBL On Stage 200ID from other docks because users don’t have to walk up to their iPod and use its navigation buttons all the time. Along with being able to charge your iPod or iPhone, the dock offers a high quality sound. The reason for this is because the device uses Phoenix drivers to help deliver a clear sound quality.

The JBL On Stage 200ID may look a bit unusual, but its distinctive shape allows music to be signalled in any direction. In the end, the dock has a unique style that can deliver high quality at a reasonable price.

For more information on where to purchase the JBL On Stage 200ID, you can buy it on Amazon here or visit the company’s website .

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