Jelloware: Drinking Cups That Are Edible And Environmentally Friendly

Dixie is a company best known for their cups proving that sometimes there's one product in a line that becomes the central focus. Another business just may be following in their footsteps in that way, but the fact that cups are the face of the business is about the only shared similarities between this new one and Dixie.

Jello Cups, Edible and BiodegradibleJello Cups, Edible and Biodegradible

  Jelloware is a new company that has only one product so far, and it's a cup that's made of jello It's edible and biodegradable, and it also comes in different flavors that are designed to complement whatever you're drinking so you can have a little snack as you sip. The idea with these cups is to reduce waste but in a way that actually encourages people to use them, which they will since they can enhance a drink! If these cups take off, then perhaps this business will increase its product line and truly give Dixie a run for its money.


Via: TreeHugger