Jet Bath - Commuter Vehicle For Our Waterlogged Future

Don't be afraid of global warming - Find a way to enjoy it! As the ice caps melt and our race faces its greatest challenge yet - survival in the face of rising temperatures and melting ice caps - one man could be about to save the day...

It may not look like it, but this could be the future of personal transportation judging by current predictions of rising water levels and waterlogged cities. Volkswagen enthusiast/geek Noah Mims was struck with the idea for the JetBath cleaning the steering wheel from his 1982 VW Joker while in the bath.


Noah Mims in his JetBathNoah Mims in his JetBath

Using a jet propulsion system yanked out of an old Jetski, the JetBath can reach speeds of up to 42 knots and runs on re-cycled vegetable oil ‘borrowed' from local fast food stores, making it the most environmentally friendly water-bound one-man water vehicle of its kind. It is also equipped with GPS and armed with 4 torpedoes guided by an advanced homing device, which saves having to brake for obstacles or traffic. This is particularly handy as there are no brakes.


Steering the Jetbath is easy - Stopping it is notSteering the Jetbath is easy - Stopping it is not

"The JetBath will enable commuters of the future to combine a swift trip to work with a decent, if uncomfortable, wash - which will get them an extra 15 minutes in bed," says Noah. "Although if you get shampoo in your eyes at 42 knots, you almost certainly will crash and die so whether you do that or not is entirely up to you."

Already in active discussions with three different speedboat companies including Spot Industries, Inc. but facing sixteen charges of willful criminal damage, Noah is hopeful the JetBath will clean up when it hits the market and he can pay his legal bills.

Feb 24, 2009
by Anonymous


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