Jetlev: Amazing Jetpack Company Offers Experiences That Will Blow You Away

A new and innovative company is just getting off the ground, both figuratively and literally. It offers a unique service that is the stuff that dreams are made from, and it will blow you away!


Jetlev is a startup jetpack rental and experience company based in Germany. It offers pilot training, Jetpack parks with courses that allow adventure seekers to use targets, power through obstacle courses, and other unique games and challenges. Plus, there are tours that will take jetpack lovers on adventurous journeys to see coastal communities, icebergs, reefs, and other amazing sights best seen from the air (always above water) in the region.

Jetlev does offer jetpacks available for purchase, for a mere $125,000; but they do also offer memberships which include a rental fee and access to training and other events, so as their motto says, everyone can "Stop dreaming and start flying".

Jetlev is an out of this world business that is looking to expand its empire. It will provide training and equipment to resorts, private charter boats, and also has franchise opportunities available for those looking to privately own a business that's sure to blow everyone away.

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Sep 5, 2009
by Anonymous

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Sep 5, 2009
by Anonymous


If you can call riding a fire hose a jet pack I guess it's kind of cool... Personally, I still want my flying car I was promised back in '57