Jet-Powered Skiing Takes It To The Next Level

This has got to stop. Or someone is going to get hurt. Skiing on flat traverses is cool and all, but this just looks dangerous as s**t.

While they're toying with big propeller-fans over in the snow-buried hills of Russia, back here in the States, they've taken it one step further: jet-pack skiing. More accurately, adrenaline junkie, skysurfer and stunt man Troy Hartman has taken it one step further.

According to the description on YouTube, this sucker puts out up to 47 mph of speed and can fire you up black-diamond-graded ascents. It's a whole new way of avoiding the "earn" in "earn your turns" backcountry skiing. And it sounds about as mean as driving a Ferrari 599 GTB inside a fighter jet. It's bad as hell. 

According to its creator, there are more uses for the pack to come. Can't wait to see what he's got in mind. 

If you were wondering, the pack is powered by two jet engines sourced from military drone planes, but then again, you're probably not looking to home-brew your own. You're probably just wanting to watch the video. So watch away: 



Via EpicSki