Jewelry Designs That Tell The World, "Hey--I'm a Masochist!"

Looking for just the right accessory for that first date or that job interview? You'll certainly make an impression with these jewelry designs by Rebekah Frank! Fending off unwanted advances has never been easier with this leather/spiky metal choker ensemble. The stunning leather collar is enhanced with lethal-looking spikes and Frankenstein-esque screw embellishments for a look that says, "try and f**k with me--I dare you!"

 Rebekah Frank BraceletRebekah Frank Bracelet

Straight out of the torture chamber, this jaw-dropping jewelery makes the perfect fashion statement whether you're going to the S&M parlor or to the premiere of "Saw 14"! This interesting bracelet claw accessory complements the collar's spiky metal design with more spiky metal. Plus, ovoid metal plating and (what looks like) glass tubing (egads!) add an extra hint of mad scientist. You'll certainly be the death of the party wearing this piece.

 Rebekah Frank JewelryRebekah Frank Jewelry

This piece (I think) is a belt because I think the image below shows how one would wear it. Yet another leather creation, this one features winding, sculpted pliers. To me, it looks painful to wear--especially considering that it looks rusty and dangerous. Almost more painful than Stiletto heels...

Rebekah Frank BeltRebekah Frank Belt

 Other twisted designs are offered on her website. Wear them at your own risk!

May 14, 2010
by Anonymous

I would wear the bracelet

I would wear the bracelet and necklace....the belt looks like something that would cause me to accidentally impale myself, but it looks cool.