New Jewelry From WalMart Makes Environmental and Social Statement

Knowing that jewelry, especially diamonds, originate from fair trade practices can be a challenge. No one wants to think their diamond ring or gold necklace resulted from bloodshed. A new line of jewelry called Love, Earth was launched earlier this year to address this concern.


The metals in each piece of the jewelry is traceable to its originating mine. This process is facilitated by the company's partnership with Walmart and its supply chain partners. The jewelry is sold exclusively at Walmart, Sam's Club and their online stores. The enterprise combines efforts of Walmart and its supply chain partners, along with Conservation International (CI).

This innovative jewelry is claimed to be made from green sources. It is created with gold and silver and symbolize elements related to the Earth and to encourage a fashion trend geared towards being environmentally conscious. Love, Earth is the first move towards having all the gold, silver and diamonds in the jewelry come from mines and manufacturers that meet Wal-Mart's sustainability standards, which includes environmental, human rights and community issues. As the world's largest jewelry retailer, the company is hoping to be a role model and enhance its green image.


Customers can go to the Love Earth website to find out where their jewelry was mined and manufactured, along with learning more about the standards and process of supplier selection. Once the supplier base is increased, the retailer plans to include diamond in the jewelry collection. 10 karat gold and sterling silver is available in Walmart and 14 karat gold and sterling silver in Sam's Club. Items to choose from include fashion pendants, hoop earrings, bangles and fashion beads. Prices average $70 for a sterling silver necklace and $50 for hoop earrings.

Global Response, an environmental action group, is not convinced that the jewelry is sustainable. As the debate goes on regarding the jewelry's sustainability, customers may not get the guarantees they hope for regarding its origin.

(UPDATE: Love Earth is no longer available.)

Sources: Love, Earth, Global Response, Reuters

Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous


Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous

A new low . . . jewelry from WalMart

Never believe anything WalMart says. Boycott WalMart. Stop buying cheap crap from China.

Oct 9, 2008
by Anonymous


Exactly how can you have mining that is sustainable? The ores and diamonds will not renew, they will not come back, they will not grow back. So how can that be sustainable? Once an area is mined out, that's it - there is no more. Period.