Ji Lee's Mini Parallel World Turns Yours Upside Down

We interrupt this program to bring you something a little more random.  Introducing Parallel World, the latest project from guerilla artist and madcap designer Ji Lee, whose initial claim to fame was his NYC Bubble Project a few years back. 


If you thought parallel worlds only existed in science fiction and the like, then think again - now you too can have your own separate reality, right from the comfort of your own living room!   The one showcased here appears to house a tiny musician of some sort; one who could use a few homey touches to cozy the place up a bit. 

 Honey, I shrunk the bass playerHoney, I shrunk the bass player

Lee is open for commissions, and has already expanded these private projects to include ski slopes, art museums and disaster scenes (eek). 

 A word of caution regarding this suspended diorama:  I would be a little concerned if you start  expecting someone to walk through that pint-sized door, or begin hearing some dinky music wafting through the vents, late at night.   Then you know you it's either time to lay off the meds or join the Twilight Zone party. 

Thanks to Diana and Michelle for the tip!

(Also to Josh Spear for additional info!)

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Apr 15, 2008
by LoveInventions
LoveInventions's picture

A bit creepy

I find it a bit creepy, imagine coming downstairs in the middle of the night, half asleep and in a daze, you look up and see that, would scare the hell out of me.