Jingle All The Way - Schwarzenegger Warns That Oil Dependence Will Leave Us With Just Change In Our Pockets

When Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks, you best shut up and listen. The man who was Conan and The Terminator, and then came back as the Governor of the biggest economy in the US (and the world's eighth biggest economy) for seven years, is already experiencing total recall of the limelight as he waves a long goodbye to his political career.

He recently appeared at an Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) conference in DC, where he warned, in a Lincoln-like address, that we're heading towards the end of days if we don't stop using fossil fuels. The last action hero condemned the fact that "a dried up little country like Libya with a crazy dictator" is being allowed to be such a predator to this country's economic security, and warned of the red heat that could come from China if the US doesn't lead the way in clean energy.

While the staunch Republican must be regarded as the villain by some in his party for his comments, he remained adamant that Americans are getting a raw deal from "the old energy order." He even suggested that the GOP's current stance to stop future clean energy funding is based on true lies. Arguably, his effort to give this new group of junior congressmen the rundown on clean energy must make him feel like a kindergarten cop.

Ultimately though, his point was that Americans are not expendables, and we cannot afford the collateral damage from oil dependence that will come from air pollution, blows to the economy, and threats to national security, that could end up seeing us telling tales from the crypt.

This is his full speech:


Mar 3, 2011
by Jamie Reygle
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If we don't end our dependence on oil, it'll run out, and we'll all have to start running, man...

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