Jinkies! LEGO Unveils Scooby Doo Building Sets

LEGO and Warner Bros. have teamed up to bring Scooby-Doo out of our favorite childhood memories and into our children’s hands. The rollout will be paired with a new 22-minute video featuring Scooby and the rest of the beloved sleuths, produced with the help of Warner Bros. Animation. Jinkies!

Five new LEGO building sets being released in August will include Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne. The sets will be sure to conjure up nostalgia and start a whole new generation of Scooby-Doo fans. Here are the sets to look forward to: Mummy Museum Mystery, Mystery Plane Adventures, The Mystery Machine, Haunted Lighthouse, and Mystery Mansion.

The sets recreate the show’s mix of spooky and silly—laugh track not included. From characters like the Headless Horseman, Dracula, and a mysterious sea creature to over-sized sandwiches for Shaggy and Scooby, these sets will not disappoint. Memories of the Creeper and Redbeard’s Ghost are stirring childhood chills as I geek out over these LEGO sets.

The Mystery Machine is no longer the only way to escape mummies and zombies; the Haunted Lighthouse set includes bricks to build a Mystery Machine inspired motor boat. And the Mystery Mansion includes bricks to build a motorcycle for high-speed getaways. The Mystery Plane speaks for itself.

Thankfully, there is no sign of Scrappy-Doo. And where the hell did Fred and Daphne go when he arrived? They probably couldn’t stand him either. Anyhow, these Scooby-Doo LEGO sets include only our favorite originals. Though, I would love to see a Phyllis Diller character or a Harlem Globetrotter set. I’d even be okay with a LEGO Don Knotts.

Maybe I’ll share these ideas with LEGO directly on the LEGO Ideas website, where fans have the chance to pitch ideas for new building sets directly to the popular toy company. You may have heard of the creator, Lostsleep, who recreated the set and cast of The Golden Girls, complete with scenes from favorite episodes. The idea is now in the hands of a LEGO Review Board. Until the board gives a go or no-go approval for product development, it is a mystery if we will see Dorothy and Rose in LEGO form.

Scooby and the team can’t solve the Golden Girls mystery, but you and your kids can help them figure out who’s really behind all of the mummy wrapping later this summer. And thanks to Warner Bros. Animation, the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? theme song will once again be stuck in your head with new made-for-video movies. Get ready for new adventures filled with hair-raising monsters. Zoinks!

Stay tuned to LEGO’s website for a product launch date.