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OK, face it.  You don't always love your job.  And many of us out there never love our job, but we do it because we have bills, right?  Well, if you need to vent about your boss, the constant lack of sustenance in your office, or the smelly IT guy, Disgruntled Workforce is the place to take your job woes and blog it out (did I just coin a new phrase?).

 I think sometimes we of the 9 to 5 community feel like we are the only souls out there subjected to the endless onslaught of the grindstone, but if there is anything Disgruntled Workforce makes you realize, it's that so many people are unhappy at their job.  But, what is great about this blog, is that it take that unhappiness and channels it into something humorous, which is ultimately the best way to deal with an unhappy job, right?  Think Office Space.  And if you can't or really don't want to find humor in your job, at least you can browse other peoples' blogs and likely find someone who has a worse position than you do. 

If anything, the website is fun to browse through and read the salutations:

Dear worthless secretary,

Dear Fat Lazy Disgusting coworker,

 and, a personal favorite...

Dear Deathbreath, 

 The most I will condone is to let this blog inspire you to WRITE what you want to say, and not really say it.  We don't really need this happening:


Seth Plattner
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Aug 31, 2007
by Mr. Disgruntled (not verified)

Disgruntled Workforce

What an honor to be mentioned by this blog Laughing

For those of you looking to vent some frustration, and/or be entertained for a bit, drop on by Disgruntled Workforce.


Sep 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The "I Hate Work" button

I'm sure wearing that at work would really go over well in front of one's boss.

Sep 5, 2007
by tefuzz (not verified)


that's my kind of blog! i'll ad my own short rant later...

Aug 9, 2008
by Anonymous

good interesting one.

Most people face this problem in their work area. It is good to share things like this. This helps one to realize that they are better than the other in the job. It is a different one. enjoy reading.

Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Nice Post

Ya my boss wouldnt be too happy, lol.