Job Seeker's Guide To Social Media Tools

The economy has made job stability more worrisome. Many of us are asking the same questions. Will I get laid off? Is my company going to downsize? Should I be updating my resume? As some who worry too much may be doing so unnecessarily, others who turn a blind eye might be at the greatest risk. To best prepare for the unknown, there are some new social media tools and apps now available that may alleviate some of this angst.


LinkUp is a  job search engine that lists jobs that are found on company and employer web sites. The free service uncovers what LinkUp calls 'hidden jobs' because they are typically unadvertised outside of a company's Web sites and can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look.

When you search for a job on LinkUp, you are actually filing through over 19,000+ company Web sites, that are constantly being updated. The site claims that they pull job listings off as soon as they are filled, so there are never any stale or out-dated listings.They don't post 'work-at-home' scams, recruiters, or staffing agencies and you won't find the same job listed multiple times from different sources.

Real-Time Jobs App
This free app promotes finding a job with one single tap from your iPhone or iPod Touch.This app enables job seekers to attach an online CV, social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted. The 'quickpitch' feature makes the tedious search process a breeze and actually streamlines the antiquated job application process of the last century.

You can also conduct a TwitterJobSearch and see new listings as they are posted in real-time.

Job Compass
Considered one of the highest rated job search apps by The Talent Buzz, Job Compass is a free app that searches through millions of jobs across the US where you can actually geo-target them on a map in relationship to your current location. Once located, you can then immediately apply for the position. This app works on Edge, 3G or WiFi and includes a video tutorial and email support.

Good Jobs App
While a little pricier than the others, this $4.99 app is basically a job seeker's organizer. With this tool, you can track your progress with tasks, events, follow ups and interviews, and save an unlimited number of jobs and contacts in predefined categories along with priorities. In addition you can save user ID and password info created on any company and/or job sites. Because it travels with you, it allows you to avoid the pitfalls of recording job information on hard copies(and having to store it) or on your computer and not having it with you in a meeting or in an interview.


Layoff Odds Calculator App
For $.99 the Layoff Odds Calculator developed by Kierun Technologies which is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd generation) and requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later. It actually answers some of the probability questions as to whether you are on the high or low end of the layoff continuum. In other words, it helps to measure the risk factors.

Scores are calculated based on various known factors like your industry, your previous performance ratings and your responses to the questions.

This tool is meant to help people reduce some of the 'unknown' factors about potential layoffs and assist employees in making better informed decisions. In this way, they become better prepared and can select some effective and positive next steps.

However, the app is not the answer to all your questions and the company's disclaimer makes this point clear:

  • All the known factors have been incorporated but still its not an accurate tool for estimating the layoff odds. This tool should only be used to get a rough idea about the layoff odds and any serious decision about your job should be discussed with your supervisor or with a career counselor.

Layoff & Hiring News
For another dollar, at $1.99, the Layoff News Lite-007 iPhone and iPod touch application enables you to receive layoff headline news links regarding companies that are laying-off or furloughing workers. Their promo information indicates that  "human editors ensure you are getting only real, relevant layoff news!"  There is also a free version of the app that does not include the links.

Here is an example of one of the news stories.

Like most tools in today's Web 2.0 world, the majority of these applications and Web sites are still in beta, so it is always wise to communicate back to the developer as to glitches and also ways to enhance and improve the product. Tools of this nature are only as good as you make them. But having them easily accessible on your mobile devices and/or smartphones might be the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of the curve and secure that next position in an expedient and organized manner - devoid of panic and uncertainty. Also best to remain proactive during economic downturns, as 'unexpected news' is sometimes right around the corner.

Best of luck job hunting. And report back if any or all of these tools assisted you in your job search.


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Feb 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Exploiting Linkedin

I'm of the opinion that a good cover letter and cv addressed to the right person in a company can make a difference - find out the manager of the department you think would be your best bet, and address the cover letter to them personally. By targeting the person who is in the position to say if they could use you or not, you've a better chance than going through HR. Linkedin is a great way to find people who work in a company, if the company is large enough Linkedin will have a profile for that company, and will list the job titles of everyone who has that company as their current employer. Knowing a job titles is not enough on its own, though it is an improvement, but without a premium account you can't click on the job title and view the persons profile and get their name.

Here is the tip - copy the job title that sounds closest to where you want to be, "Marketing manager at xyzcorp" into Google, your first hit is likely to be the Linkedin profile page of the person with your target job description! Now you have a name, a job title and can confirm their location (important so that you target the right office), and you are all set to send them off some nice paper.